Number of sensors
Number of buttons
USB(Micro-B): For USB-MIDI / USB(Micro-B) for serial communication / DC inlet (5V/2A, Φ4.4) support power supply for LED full ON.
Outer dimension
209×212×32 (mm)
0.9 kg
Power supply
USB bus power and/or 5V power supply
Current consumption
0.5 A (USB bus power) , 2.5 A (5 V power supply)
USB(Micro-B) cable (1.5 m)

Specification as of 2016/5/20. It shall be supposed to changed.


Does CMG itself output sound?
No, it does not. CMG is the MIDI controller which need to be connected to PC with DAW. PC(Windows,Mac,Linux) and DAW software are necessary to perform. DAW is the sound software such as GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase, ProTools, etc..
If you use Mac, GarageBand is the free application to download. With regard to Windows, there are other free software such as Studio One Prime, etc..
Can CMG be used with iPhone, iPad, or other Android gadgets?
No, it can’t at this moment, however, it is under development.
What is MIDI controller?
MIDI (music instrument digital interface) is the standard to control electric music instrument. MIDI controller is the devise to send and receive the command following MIDI standard.
Can we start using CMG immediately after running DAW software on PC?
You still need to set it up. The MIDI command from CMG need to be assigned to instruments, steps, or other effect parameters, in DAW software.
Can we use it without troublesome setting?
Yes, you can. We are going to prepare CMG sample programs for various DAW software on thispage that you can download. If you can use it, you can enjoy CMG without detail setting.
Let us know the detail about hacking.
Because CMG equips serial communication port, you can read and modify the sensor signal or functions of each bottom by the CMG parameter setting software that can be downloaded from our WEB page (http://cmg.tokyo/en). CMG has the potential for other applications by your customization. Additionally, we are planning to open all source code of CMG parameter setting software and firmware in CMG that allow all users to develop the CMG functions.
Can we recover CMG if it would lose functions by our hacking mistakes?
We prepare recovery programs.
Who owns the license of code modified by hacking?
We plan open source licensing.
Are there any differences between USB bus power operation and 5V power supply operation?
CMG reduce the brightness of LED under USB bus power operation. Brightness turns to full power when it connects to 5V power supply.
Please contact here for other questions.