“We could develop new unique soft tactile sensor, but where/how to use?”
Touchence had worked with such dilemma.

“I want to create the music tools which do not limit the performance style of various people.”
Instrument designer Yoshihito Nakanishi had worked with such dream.

Our activities and expertizes are completely different, however, we clicked together by common philosophy to “develop something new”, and established co-development project.

Sensor Development Company

Touchence Inc.

Established in April 2011. Original sensor development utilizing Tokyo University technologies based on the scheme of industrial – university collaboration. Started development of music instrument with original sensors from 2015.

Instrument designer

Yoshihito Nakanishi

Born in 1987. Instrument Designer. PhD (Graduate school of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at The University of Tokyo)
Various activities around sound & music. Performing music tool developed by own at both domestic and international fields, with prizes: Chiyoda Art Festival 2014 Chiyoda Arts Festival 2014 “LIFE LIKE LIVE” Yuichi Kishino Prize, Asia Digital Art Award 2014 Entertainment Awards for excellence etc.